Clinical Pharmacia
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Дмитриева Елена Германовна

фармаколог, фитотерапевт, психолог

Закончила Пермский фарм. институт в 1985 году, потом московскую аспирантуру по фармакологии и клинической фармакологии. Опыт работы разноплановый - более 15 лет (преподаватель, консультант), 7 лет - частная практика. Кроме консультаций, могу делать лекции для специалистов и писать статьи на сайте. Имею авторские методики. Могу обсчитывать все параметры любых лекарств и подбирать любую терапию. Подход к здоровью человека - холистический (целостный). Кроме лечебных программ, могу подбирать оздоровительные программы.


Clinical article 
          Introduction: Mucoviscydos or kistozal fibros a
pancreas, carry to the most widespread genetically determined diseases with
autosomno-recessive the inheritance type, characterised defeat ekzokrin slime the
forming glands [1]. 
          Objective: To study possibilities aliternative
          Methods: Childs and Adults pacients
with Mucoviscydos. 
          Infectious process at Mucoviscydoz is
not connected with primary damage cellular and gymoral protective systems and
has a number of features, including endotracheal distribution and
characteristic bacterial flora: the most frequent activators at  Mucoviscydoz’s - Staphylococcus aureus and
Pseudomonas aeruginosa. 
           That it to break off
now are available Immunomodulator - Derinat - an extract from molok’s fishes. 5
pricks on 5 ml destroy every day golden Staphylococcus authentically and
completely (dynamics of treatment of patients it shows authentically).
Antibiotics if there is to them a sensitivity only stop down growth golden Staphylococcus,
therefore antibiotics to appoint at the given kind inficiroval are not present
sense. Otherwise, there will be an infection relapse. 
The preparation Sanqiritrin possesses immynomodulation
action, increasing authentically the general T-limfocyts, T-helpers, and
reducing the Central Electoral Committee (circulating immune complexes). Sanqiritrin
it is capable to make immunogramm practically ideal, authentically reduces
caption Ig M, G, E. Abisil also possesses 
immynomodulation action.
Sanqiritrin - the solution for external application is used with success
for washing gaymorov bosoms with the help a sinus-kateter’s at the LOR-DOCTOR
on outpatient reception hours and does the house use of solutions Sanqiritrin
(to do it is necessary cultivations depending on age) pleasant. Has well proved
also a preparation - Abisil. 
At strong cough to drip from a pipette on a root of
language of 3-5 drops Abisil’s - 2-3 times a day (after meal). Application of
inhalations with Abisil’s is possible (on 500 ml of hot water of 8-10 drops of
a preparation), at its inhalation is direct from a bottle or at drawing on a
wadded tampon or on a paper napkin.
           The preparation Abisil possesses ability to make active processes phagocytos,
stimulating functional activity neytrophyl’s and macrophages, raises
permeability of skin and mucous covers for pathogenic microorganisms, improves
indicators cellular and gymoral the immunity, connected with functioning T -
and B - systems. For preventive maintenance of a sinusitis dig in in
each nasal course on 1-2 drops 3-4 times a day. For preventive maintenance of
antritises a preparation enter in gaymor a bosom after its preliminary sanitation.
           Therefore in
diagnostics standards on Mucoviscydoz it is necessary to include definition not
specific flora in bacteriological laboratory of the Centers of Hygiene - in slime of
bronchial tubes, in a pharynx, in
nasal courses, in urine, in a vagina at women - with sensitivity definition to
microflora of antibiotics. It is good to do bacteriological analyses and for
the treatment control.
Results: The program of active
treatment of adult patients should be directed on reduction of expressiveness
of major factors of risk of a lethal. This treatment - nutritive the status of
the patient, bronchial obstruction and are infected respiratory ways Pseudomonas
aeruginosa a stick - all to well medical influence, since, the more low an
index of weight of a body, the worse forecast Mucoviscydoz. Sinergichesky
mutual relations are noted at P. aeruginosa/Candida (57 %) and S. aureus/Candida
(50 %), that it is possible to clean Sanquiritrin’s and Abisil’s. Their
efficiency authentically above in comparison with schemes antibacterial and antyphungal
Discussions - Golden Staphylococcus it is sensitive to Sanquiritrin’s. Thus, proceeding from microbiological preconditions, antimicrobic
therapy of aggravations of a bronho-pulmonary infection at adult patients
should be based on application of antibiotics with antistaphylococcal and antyaeruginosa
activity (with addition under indications antycandida’s preparations - the same
Sanquiritrin’s and Abisil). 
1.Application of herbal medicine and an aromatherapy at given nozology -
is justified. 
2.Preparations Sanquiritrin and Abisil - at the given kind of nozology -
are alternative to many kinds of treatment, and can be applied, both in the form
of monotherapy, and in a kind therapies (pharmacotherapy + herbal medicine). Feature
of appointment Sanquiritrin in tablets - it is strict only after meal - in
20-40 minutes. 
3.It is necessary to develop new preparations on a basis terpenoids.
4.Continuation of work on new preparations - ingibitors is necessary for
5.The further research of deep cuts of plants for the purpose of
extraction and creation - nanophytodrugs is necessary. 
6.Any kinds of therapy Mucoviscydoz are useful in commonwealth with the
pharmacist-clinical physician, efficiency of such treatment makes - 98 %. 
7.It is useful to introduce clinical pharmacists on outpatient reception
hours of patients at Mucoviscydoz and also for consultations in a hospital. 
8.From the point of view pharmacoeconomic treatment by phytopreparations
is much cheaper than pharmacotherapy that does natural therapy even more
attractive, both for purchases of preparations by the clinic, and for
out-patient appointment in-home.  
1.Kapranov N.I., Kashirskaja
N.J., Voronkova A.J., Shabalova L.A., etc.

Mucoviscydoz. Modern achievements and actual
problems. Methodical recommendations. The edition the second (the first - 2001)
processed and added. Under Kapranov’s N.I. and
Kashirskoj N.J.'s edition - М: 2005. - 109 with. [in Russian].