Clinical Pharmacia
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Дмитриева Елена Германовна

фармаколог, фитотерапевт, психолог

Закончила Пермский фарм. институт в 1985 году, потом московскую аспирантуру по фармакологии и клинической фармакологии. Опыт работы разноплановый - более 15 лет (преподаватель, консультант), 7 лет - частная практика. Кроме консультаций, могу делать лекции для специалистов и писать статьи на сайте. Имею авторские методики. Могу обсчитывать все параметры любых лекарств и подбирать любую терапию. Подход к здоровью человека - холистический (целостный). Кроме лечебных программ, могу подбирать оздоровительные программы.


Clinical article
Opening endorfins, enkefalins, dinorfins, opiat receptors has served as
stimulus to deep studying of a pain and mechanisms of its perception, the
doctrine about nocyceptiv (perceiving a pain) and antinocyceptive (weakening
this perception) systems became which result. Painful irritations can arise in
a skin, deep fabrics and internal bodies. These irritations are perceived nocyceptors,
located on all body, except for a brain. Occurrence and maintenance of an oncological
pain, is caused by activation nocyceptors  mediators.  
- The comparative characteristic of preparations from
group of not steroid anti-inflammatory.
Change of concentration of the Russian Federation, СRP and SОE depending on
appointment nonsteroid analgetic from different groups (E.G.Dmitrieva, 2010).
RF   ME/ml
СRP g/l 
SOE Mm/hour
Piroxicam on 2 Tablets in days
Ibuprofen on 2 Tablets in days
Naproxen on 2 Tablets in days
Others of preparation
increase approach of the return an inflammation [1].  
Methods:  To study
influence not steroid analgetics on inflammation parameters - revmatoid the
factor, s- fiber, speed of subsidence eritrocyts and other parametres. Parametres transaminazs - ALT, nuclear heating plant (AST), bilirubin (p
<0, 05) increase. 
10 persons according to results of the project have
been distributed on groups: less than 10 and 20 ME/ML. 
the factor (at norm in 10 ME/ML) are antibodies G can come to light at any sharp
inflammatory process, but it is short-term and in a low caption. It is
parametre demands supervision in dynamics. 
     The raised level of the Russian Federation can be found out
in patients of advanced age without any clinical displays reumatoid an arthritis.
At the same time at children who are ill uyvenal reumatoid with an arthritis, reumofactor
frequently it is not defined. Therefore the raised values of the Russian Federation
or characteristic clinical displays at its negative values should prove to be
true other laboratory and tool researches. Under the analysis immunogramm - all
in norm, except, decrease CD3
+ (total T-limfotsitov) falls on the average - 59.24 (norm
of 60-80 %). CD4 + (T-limfotsity-helpery) 30.14 % (norm - 36-55 %). 
Conclusion: CRP increase at reception nonsteroid from all groups,
except group oxicams (Piroxicam, Tenoxicam, Felden). This subgroup does not
cause a return inflammation, as other subgroups (p <0, 005). I do not
recommend appointment not steroid analgetic and glucocorticoids (a theme of
separate article) for long application. In the presence of an infection not
steroid analgetics and glucocorticoids only aggravate an inflammation, forming
(poisonis) narcotic analgetics - in language of the clinical pharmacist - at a long drug taking arises
- Lecomania. The term practically is not familiar to doctors and
doctors-clinical to pharmacologists. For oncological patients consider, that it
has no value though this circumstance has direct influence on mentality of
Discussions - Proceeding
from it, the author has paid attention to a preparation - Neurodiclovit. 
Vitamin B 12 participates in synthesis mielin covers. It is necessary
for including in standards of treatment of a pain not infectious genez’s (the
author, 2012). For knocking over of a cancer pain this preparation does not
approach. Neurodiclovit - a combination Diclofenak’s and vitamin B 12 = a
rational combination for nevrogenic pains and for knocking over of cancer
conditions of blood when there is В-12 a
dependent anaemia. Antioxidants cannot be appointed
at cancer process. Only for primary preventive maintenance of a cancer.
   Exist inductors apoptosis
(the exact term - necrobioz) - the plants treating cancer tumours. 
   One phytopreparation has been
presented by me in article is Olexin. But there are also other preparations - inductors
necrobioz’s - blocators cyclokaspaz. Treatment by them is effective. Pain
questions dare by itself with reduction of a cancer tumour. On histology -
tumours share on lowdifferencial and on highdifferencial (are less sensitive to chemotherapy (resistance to
treatment). At highdifferencial
tumours - plants-adaptogeny restore normal functioning of cages, normal cell
fission rhythm. Thus, pain problems are solved before mankind.   
1. Derivative oxycam acids do not cause a return inflammation as it
occurs at reception nonsteroid analgetic from other subgroups. 
2. Initial parametres - before treatment were raised. Treatment,
nonsteroid analgetic except group oxycams the parametres set forth above at
first reduce, but they then again raise after a while after treatment. 
3. Parametres of the Russian Federation can become diagnostic for
revealing of metastasises in sinoval a cover as these parametres raise in 2-4

1. Gusel V. A, Markova V. I. The directory of the pediatrist on clinical
pharmacology - Л: Medicine,
1990, p.57. [in Russian].