Clinical Pharmacia
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Дмитриева Елена Германовна

фармаколог, фитотерапевт, психолог

Закончила Пермский фарм. институт в 1985 году, потом московскую аспирантуру по фармакологии и клинической фармакологии. Опыт работы разноплановый - более 15 лет (преподаватель, консультант), 7 лет - частная практика. Кроме консультаций, могу делать лекции для специалистов и писать статьи на сайте. Имею авторские методики. Могу обсчитывать все параметры любых лекарств и подбирать любую терапию. Подход к здоровью человека - холистический (целостный). Кроме лечебных программ, могу подбирать оздоровительные программы.


Clinical article
Helomyrtol and other preparations in treatment of initial forms of an
asthma and asthmatical a bronchitis.
In this plan special interest is represented by complex preparations Helomirtol and 
Bronchial thanks to a unique
composition of herbs and operating biologically active substances, are capable
to influence the basic pathogenetic mechanisms of inflammatory process
        Objective(s) -  The clinical estimation of efficiency of application
of phytopreparations Helomirtol, Olexin and Bronchial
with a plantain, Thymus serpillum and vitamin C in complex treatment of
inflammatory diseases of the top respiratory ways was the purpose of researches.
On the basis of clinic Vita Avis and a medical unit «Ivtecmash» of Ivanovo (Russia)
had been spent inspection and treatment of 38 patients at the age from 8 till
40 years. Patients have been divided into 2 groups. 
19 patients are included in comparison group with an
obstructive bronchitis and 12 patients with БА which besides traditional treatment from the first
symptoms kataral inflammations received preparation Bronchial with a plantain, Thymus
serppyllum and vitamin C in the form of a syrup on 1 item to a spoon (15 ml) 5
times a day. 
        Results. It is
established, that by 4th days of spent therapy in group of comparison
expressiveness of a painful syndrome has decreased on the average for 36, 2 %,
in control group - only on 18, 4 % (р <0,05). Expressiveness of inflammatory changes, hyperemia
and infiltration palatal handles in comparison group also has decreased in
comparison with the disease beginning for 44, 5 %. Thus also the maintenance of
a pathological secret in lacunas essentially decreased, breath improved, easily
departed slime of bronchial tubes. 
dynamics remained and by 7th days of therapy - inflammatory changes have
decreased in control group and comparison group accordingly for 43, 2 % and 45,
7 % in comparison with 4th day of illness. Introduction in complex therapy Helomirtol
and Bronchial promoted improvement of the general condition of patients and
simplification of a pain a little bit earlier, than at carrying out of
traditional therapy that is the important factor for the patients conducting an
active way of life and labour activity. 
of spent therapy in comparison group was estimated by patients as excellent at
8 (42, 1 %), as good - 8 (42, 1 %), as satisfactory - 2 (10, 5 %) and 1 (5, 2
%) the patient as unsatisfactory. In control group excellent and good results
are received at 5 (25 %) and 10 (50 %) patients; satisfactory and
unsatisfactory - at 3 (15 %) and 2 (10 %) accordingly.
     Discussion. Allergic reactions to components of a
preparation at one of observed patients it is noted, on the contrary, myrtle
connections treat allergy displays. 
patients against treatment level Іg A was authentically restored, both at
traditional therapy, and at combined application Helomirtol’s and Bronchial’s.
Thus level Іg A at
the patients receiving in complex therapy Helomirtol and Bronchial, has
appeared statistically authentically higher not only in comparison with
indicators before treatment, but also in comparison with the patients receiving
the traditional scheme of therapy. Introduction in traditional scheme Helomirtol
and Bronchial also promoted more active stabilisation of the maintenance in mouthlarynx
a secret of the monomeasured form ІgА, that apparently is connected with additional
anti-inflammatory properties of the given phytocomposition. 
The maintenance of antibodies in mouthlarynx
a secret and in whey of blood at the
investigated groups of patients, г/л: Yg
A - 0, 27-0, 48 in
mouthlarynx a secret. 
Yg A in blood - IgA - 0, 9 (norm 1, 1-4,5 g/l). The
control - 0, 44 + 0, 06
More precisely to define - S Yg
A (secretor) and monomeasured (YgA) on O.F.Melnikov’s, D.I.Zabolotnya’s (2003),
but not all laboratories of clinic can execute all kinds of analyses. 
The note: р <0,05
 in comparison with indicators before treatment.
р <0,05 in comparison with
control group
It is established,
that use of the given phytopreparation improves a clinical picture and raises
efficiency and safety of traditional schemes of treatment of inflammatory
diseases of the top respiratory ways.
Amdroxol + Helomirtol = action strengthening on
deducing accumulated slime of bronchial tubes! 
Helomirtol + Augmentin = a rational combination! Combination is
nivelired collateral action Augmentin’s.
Helomirtol it is possible to combine with ampicillin
derivatives (Augmentin) in the presence of a bacterial infection (Maraxella 10 in 4 degrees, Enterobacter
- 10 in
2 degrees).   
Helomirtol + Bronchial = a
rational combination!
Helomirtol, Broncial - Choice
phytopreparations in complex treatment of inflammatory diseases of the top
respiratory ways.
Herbal preparation of
choice for complex treatment of upper airways inflammatory diseases. The
purpose of researches was clinical rating of effectiveness of use of herbal
preparations – Helomyrtol, Olexin, Bronchial with plantain, thyme and vitamin C
for complex treatment of upper airways inflammatory diseases. It is established,
that the use of this herbal preparation improves a clinical picture and raises
effectiveness and safety of traditional schemes of treatment of upper airways
inflammatory diseases.
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