Clinical Pharmacia
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Дмитриева Елена Германовна

фармаколог, фитотерапевт, психолог

Закончила Пермский фарм. институт в 1985 году, потом московскую аспирантуру по фармакологии и клинической фармакологии. Опыт работы разноплановый - более 15 лет (преподаватель, консультант), 7 лет - частная практика. Кроме консультаций, могу делать лекции для специалистов и писать статьи на сайте. Имею авторские методики. Могу обсчитывать все параметры любых лекарств и подбирать любую терапию. Подход к здоровью человека - холистический (целостный). Кроме лечебных программ, могу подбирать оздоровительные программы.


Clinical article
The infection is deadly, if it not to treat, especially  is dangerous to fruits, babies,
children and youth. Can meet in symbiosis streptococci at a secondary
    Objective: To known new effective standarts this of infection.
    Methods: Bacteriological
methods of diagnostics - Reaction (PCR) in this case is not specific. Only in
bacteriological laboratory of the centre of hygiene can tell exact sctamm a
bacterium and concentration in fabrics. It is necessary to define sensitivity
of a bacterium to antibiotics, and also to do immunogramm in dynamics, to
correct immunity indicators. 
1.Derinat - on a basis molok’s fishes, immunomodulator,
a preparation for in muscular introduction - on 5 ml, a course - 10 injections,
from them: 5 injections every day, plus - 5 injections - in 72 hours). Pricks
painful, but very effective. On golden staphylococcus operates, as a powerful
antibiotic, having bactericidal an effect though, concerns group of animals immunomodulator,
raising the immune answer of an organism to this infection.  
2.Sanguiritrin tablets - 30 mg - on 1 tablet 2 times a
day strictly after meal in 40 minutes! At osteomyelit’s the preparation too is
applied. It is effective.
3. Sanguiritrin (from macleya) - tablets, reception (it is strict after
meal!), or for washing of a nose, a nasopharynx and mucous - use sanguiritrin for external application, it plant in 40 times, receiving solution is weak-yellow colour. 
4. By the author it
is revealed, that the rhododendron Caucasian possesses bacteriostatic action
(stops growth) golden staphylococcus in cultivation - 1:100 [3].   
  Sanguiritrin suppresses
growth and development of a wide spectrum of microorganisms, including clinical
schtamms, possessing high degree of medicinal resistance [2], including:
bacteria of sort Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Proteus, Pseudomonas,
Salmonella, Pyocioneus, Shigella, Escherichia, Enterobacter, Acinetobacter,
Serratia, the pathogenic elementary sort Trichomonas and Entamoeba, and also
pathogenic mushrooms of sort Candida, Trichophyton, Microsporum and of
some others, including activators of deep mycoses (Nocardia, Cryptococcus,
Discussions: The preparation  Sanguiritrin possesses immynomodulator
action, increasing authentically the general T-limfocity, T-helpery, and
reducing the Central Electoral Committee (circulating immune complexes). Sanguiritrin
it is capable to make immynogramm practically ideal, authentically reduces
caption Ig M, G, E. 
1.Sanguiritrin in tablets to the form it is effective heavy
forms golden staphylococcus - on 2-4 tablets a day. To children from 1 year -
on 1 tablet in day. 
2.Sanguiritrin for external application it is
effective at washing of various cavities and mucous membranes - cultivation in
40 times, washings - 2-4 times a day, for washing of bosoms of a nose and a
vagina - cultivation too (doses for adults). For children to do cultivations -
in 80 times. 
3.Advantage Sanguiritrin is that fact, that it can be
applied, as a natural antibiotic without application of synthetic antibiotics. 
4. Advantage Sanguiritrin is that fact, that it can be
applied, as immunomodulator a phytogenesis, that in many cases allows to manage
monotherapy at infections since it is strong allergen in itself. 
5. The preparation Sanguiritrin possesses immunomodulator
action that is the big advantage to monotherapy, to avoiding polypragmaziya’s.
6. Strict observance in appointment Sanguiritrin is
its strict reception after meal - in 40 minutes! 
6. Immunomodulators an animal
origin - Derinat - it is effective for treatment of sredne-heavy forms of an
infection in doses - on 5 ml - 5 injections in day (doses for adults). 
7. Long
passages of microorganisms in the presence of Sanguiritrin do not lead to development of medicinal stability to a
8. Antibiotics are auxiliary means for infection
treatment, they only suppress growth St. aureus.  
9. At heavy forms of an infection is better a combination - preparations pharmaco - and
herbal medicines. 
The scheme: Sanguiritrin + Suprax = a rational combination which will level
collateral action of an antibiotic (diareia). 
The scheme:  Sanguiritrin + Azitrox (azitromycin) = a
rational combination at  combination
pathologies - Staphylococcus aureus + Streptococcus agalacticae.  
Efficiency of such treatment makes - to 98
10. There are also other preparations
which demand standardization and introduction in clinical practice - extracts
from a rhododendron Caucasian.  
1. Mark Enright speaks at Infection Control 2009, Gives a Microbiological perspective 5th February
2. Pogorelskaja L.V., Vichkanova S.A., Bunov S.V. Sangviritrin
- as an alternative preparation for treatment of sharp intestinal infections.
The collection of materials of the congress «Traditional medicine - 2000»,
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3. Dmitrieva
E.G. «Pharmacology and toxicology of tincture from leaves of the Rhododendron
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